About Lucia

Lucia’s Story

Living and working in Bucks County for several years as a Realtor, GRI has given Lucia the opportunity to discover all of God’s natural beauty and appreciate the landscapes, farms, covered bridges and much more that He bestowed on this beautiful county and the surrounding area.

Now retired and having time, she can enjoy expressing herself through her art. Lucia is constantly challenging herself to learn different mediums and techniques. After teaching herself how to paint in reverse on glass, she went from that to acrylic, oil, charcoal watercolor and her laest challenge is urban sketching with ink and watercolor,

Artistic Career

Lucia feels fortunate to have studied with several local artists such as oil painter Matrese Roche, oil painter James Freehan, award winner oil painter Dot Bunn ,watercolorist Jo Anne Osnoe and including workshops in oil with Patrick Connors, James Toogood watercolorist, and Perspective drawing /with Barry Koplowwitz. Their tutorage has helped her to learn what she has not been able to teach herself and to reach out in the various mediums.

She will continue to study and explore the different techniques that her imagination and studies offer. To stop learning and looking for new challenges would mean she has achieved perfection (which is impossible). Painting almost daily gives her happiness and serenity. When Lucia is pleased with her painting she is euphoric and hopes that her viewers will sense some of what she feels.

Artist Statement:

Here in Bucks County it is not difficult to find inspiration  for your next painting project  with all the natural beauty which surrounds you. On one of my quests for a painting subject I came across Knecht’t Covered Bridge and the creek that flows benaeth it. Since I am mostly a studio painter I took the photos to my studio and painted not only the bridge but the serene and tranquil creek  full of Autumn colors and painted that also. It brought me great joy and aserenity, hopefully I can share that feeling with the viewers of this paintings.

When I look at an empty canvas, piece of paper or plate of glass I see them as a blank music sheet. All are waiting to burst into song. As a composer expresses himself/herself with music I do the same with my art.

You can view Lucia’s art at:
Bucks County Art Directory
Gathering Art Gallery and Boutique, 65a W. Street, Doylestown


  • Doylestown Art League
  • Discover Doylestown
  • Bucks County Chamber of Commerce


You can view Lucia’s art at:

Instagram – Lucia Grilletto

Facebook: Artistic Designs By Lucia




















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